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How to Decorate Your Rented Space

You want to make sure you have everything you need, and that you’ll invest in items that will last into future dorm rooms and apartments.
If you are a pro-graduate, congrats! It will be a brand-new stage for you to fit into the whole society; That’s to say, you have to be prepared to weather the storms. If you are still in the dorm slipping your phones to send your “likes” on Instagram, you do have to take into consideration that what should I do after graduation. 
You’re finally ready to move out of the place where you grew up with your parents, if you are the former, to a strange place where there are full of opportunity. First thing first, you have to find out a “shelter” that can protect you from the pouring rains and extreme heat—a rented apartment or a loft. 

Have you ever thought that the place where you come back home after work every time is full of sweetness and joy? Most of us, born in the 80s or 90s, have to struggle with everyday burdens, overtime working, and rush-hour traffic system. In this case, it seems quite normal that fatigue of routine drives us to have a quick shower and then to go to sleep for tomorrow’s meeting while coming back home, not to mention to enjoy a couple of beers or watch a TV series on weekdays.
You have to admit that working exhausts our interest largely. If we can not find a time to relieve the tiredness, sobriety, and somberness that are basically caused by our working environment, we will totally be trapped in a malignant loop that is damaging our health mentally and physically. To change this situation is a piece of cake; or, you could say that the best method is to focus on the place where you spend most of the time on it—the place where it perhaps costs you nearly more than an hour to commute.
Psychologists claim that changing the environment around you can, to some extent, merit your overall health, especially for those who are still suffering depression. That is as easy as changing the dressing style, your drowsy hairdo, your living residential areas, or your home decor. However, as for many, decorating their home is an overwhelming process—especially when you are staring at blank walls, a piece of a patched-up stain on the sofa, a tight budget.
Considering that you may hinder that, we have listed out some one-size-for-all items for you to decorate your the only space lest you beat your brains out. 
A really nice mattress topper
A mattress topper is an additional comfort layer that is added to a mattress to increase longevity and increase the comfort of your mattress. It’s no secret that your rented space is not so as to fancy as a 5-star hotel that beds aren’t exactly comfortable. So why not put an extra cushion like a mattress topper on it. That’ll not only add awfully comfy but also get rid of your insolence.
The problem is the market is flooded with a wide range of mattress toppers. You can find toppers everywhere from physical bed shops to second-hand furniture shops. Prices vary greatly and in some cases the only option you’re presented with is what size you want rather than the depth or firmness of the topper!
Memory Walls
Although digital technology has invaded the traditional world, the memory of our own can not be replaced easily and impossibly. You may feel a little bit of void while staring at the four blank walls. So be bold! Try to make it animated with photos pertinent to your portraits, birthday celebration, and only-once commencement. One of the most meaningful ways to upgrade space is also one of the cheapest ways! You can use clothespins and a string to display them around your walls.

Also, if you want to act like an adult, framing your art on the walls is much more better than your numerous selfies. Online shop for some artworks is best recommended. They frequently have pieces of art and lose frames, and it’s up to you to decide on which to pair together!
Never dull your Light!
Lighting is one aspect of décor that can completely make or break a space’s vibe, so cute lamps are a must-have.

If you have an eyesight problem, such as myopia, a LED is a must! To help with eyesight, bright and effective lighting is recommended because it can prevent the eyes from working overtime and straining to see in darker conditions. With a few luminous lights, you can assist your eyes with reading and help them from degrading even further.

Also, if you want to create an instant full of romantic and sugar-sweetened with your lover, a bunch of candles can work effectively. To enjoy romantic dining in your space, a lighting system can not be missed out! Adding some “blink-blink” with LEDs can enhance the comfort of home. 
Comfy and Cozy Sleeper Sectional
Sleeper Sectional boasts of many advantages over other types of modern livingroom sofas. If you have a large living room where you often feel the void facing the four plain walls, a sectional can be manipulated to wipe out your monotony and to fill up space much more natural than a traditional sofa.

Also, even that they can perfectly fill up the void, they are much easier to move. Not only can you carry a piece of it alone at a time, but you are generally able to fit them into an apartment or a unit you just rent. Many may get confused about a narrow doorway and stairway, which fails to access with a standard sofa. In this case, a sectional can make a big difference. This is why sectional sofas are ideal for decorating your living home. You can move it around to create your “Me Space.” 

If you purport yourself as a party lover, you can not miss out this sectional sleeper sofa. Your overnight guest can enjoy a bed-like sleeper in the living room, and your welcome will not be outstayed! 
Green! Green! Green!
Wishing to have a little nature inside of your own home is a very common wish. Why not put a couple of plants in your room? Once it’s fully blooming, you will feel it animated. 

Plants can also positively impact your mood. Numerous significant researches found that active interaction with plants, and even potting soil, can help to reduce daily stress. It can refresh your blue mood; boost your productivity; strengthen your concentration and creativity. Also, thanks to the buffering effect of plants on sound waves, your plants in internal decoration can to some extent keep the noise down for your “me-time.” This significantly improves the quality of life of people who live in a big city. 

Undeniably, plants can reduce contamination. That is because plants act as filters of pollution and regenerate the air, which has a direct impact on the health of city dwellers.
Be careful of Your Budget!
Budgeting is so important when it comes to decorating any kind of space. If you are a graduate with comparatively low income but still want to have a comfortable space, always look for sales, discounts, and cheaper duplicates of expensive items.
One of my favorite places to shop is Ainehome where all modern furniture can be found at a rather low price. I bought a reclining chair to relax my aching back.
Last but not least, make sure you are on setting a budget so you don’t break the bank. 

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