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4 Populous Living Room Design Ideas

A living room is a place where you share the stories of who you are through evening small talks with your families or friends. It is the room where we sit together chatting about the ups and downs we have been through; It is the room where we pop champagne to celebrate your job promotion or your birthday...
So you should pay more attention to your living room when it comes to interior design. Although it's not easy for us to pick up the style we want, you will definitely get what you really want if you have a look at this essay. Before you make a decision, you can consult all kinds of style designer lest the result is so-so.

A wide range of interior design has emerged in recent years. From an industry-style loft in New York City to a patchy rustic outlook in Ibiza, you can find out all kinds of styles that your ideas leave behind. Don’t worry, here are 4 populous living room ideas for you to refer to. Grab a coffee or tea and settle in, and follow us!
If you have been to the Mediterranean or just slowly slide the pictures of it on Instagram, you may realize that the Mediterranean landscape is full of amaze and joy. The interior decoration of the Local abodes is as if combining with the natural landscapes. In this case, you should make sure that such an idyll appearance of your living room is as natural. If you are really interested in the creation of a Mediterranean atmosphere in your living room, the information about “how” is listed below.

You should bear in mind that decorating your living room in Mediterranean style is required two professionals—Italian- and Gree-style. The former suggests the style combines with warm tones of the ground, walls, or even your sofa colors; The latter indicates that Greek itself is highlighted by snow-white primary color, which is supplemented by radiant cold color tones.

Sofa plays an important role in your interior decoration, which is in order to intensify your own living room style. Based on the Mediterranean style, sofas made mainly of wood, pretty massive, and squat is quite recommended.
If a wardrobe is in your budget, make it as lower as possible yo easily put decorative things on its top. When it comes to the Italian-type Mediterranean style, it involves armchairs and sofas mainly made from wildlife skin. Those are the elegant furniture with high ornamental backs and comfy sitting cushions whatever at the dining tables or the livingroom sofas.
The Greek-oriented style, in turn, prefers to the furniture made of wood, such as wicker armchairs and regular chairs. To many Mediterranean regions, people use more natural fabrics than artificial ones.
An approximate set of furniture for Mediterranean-style living room is given below:
  1. A wide, pretty large low sofa, supplemented by a couple of armchairs of the same style.
  2. A coffee-table at the heart of the living room.
  3. A bookcase, buffet, or a shelve stand along the walls.
  4. The furniture is necessary to locate all furniture items at some distance one from another
The industrial style is perfectly suitable for the youth. The core point of it is the absence of unnecessary decoration, the minimum of livingroom furniture, and, most importantly, the maximum of floors and garage-like factors.

Nothing stays effortless cool and easy maintenance than an industrial-style living room. With exposed brick walls on purpose, black and white typographic prints and posters, factory windows, shaggy rugs, iron piping, and wooden floors, the style creates a living space that looks perfectly match together. Under this circumstance, you can unleash your own simmering personality. Comfortable couches and beautiful light fixtures reflect the shape of your living room in concrete.

First, you should create a dark and dreamy industrial home decor mood. As for the industrial-style, you can always find it in the loft apartment where the style can be easily transformed at a lower cost. High-ceiling is one of the features of the style. The other is the black shelving, which, to some extent, adds an air of intellectualism that can successfully dodge the excessive artworks. Also, a coffee table, rows of lighting, and a staircase with finishing touches are recommended to better form the atmosphere of industry.
It’s a stereotype that an industrial living room has to be brown and grey. You can pick up the L-shape sofa, the sleeper sectional, to fill the void of your room if need be. Now that industrial style is rather matched with the personality of the youth, the sleeper can hospitalize your overnight guest when you would like to pop a champaign to cheer up for a Friday night.
Modern Style
What does a contemporary living room mean? It’s mixing modern and transitional factors in a rather warm and fresh way to create a cohesive room. A contemporary style of home decor is defined by simplicity, minimalism and subtle sophistication. In brief, modern interior, primarily sleek and fresh, tend to better showcase space rather than what kinds of furniture you have in your living room.

Colors, such as black and white, are the main colors while decorating a modern living room. The former is often regarded as floor decor, which is punched up and accented with bright and bold colors against the neutral. If your walls are painted in a primary color, a backdrop featuring boldness should be taken into consideration.

When it comes to furniture pick-up in the modern living room, you should make a bold decision to choose a piece of bold-style furniture. But that doesn’t mean that furniture with eccentric, complex, and intricate is extremely recommended. Picking up simplicity and purity instead. A leather sofa can not be missed out for your modern living room. The leather is extremely durable and ever-lasting due to its nature. It is destined that being frayed is not easier than the fabric. It seems well-known that the longer you use a leather the softer and comfier it will become. Also, if you are in a tight budget, the faux one nowadays can surpass the merit of the leather too.
Remember when choosing the modern style, less is more! Be as simple as you can.
It seems much more expansive when it comes to the traditional style. It basically ranges from French country to neoclassical. Traditional style requires many more items like classic furnishings, elegant wallpaper, upscale curtains, antique accents, patterned or textured rugs, diamond-like lighting, and resourceful color schemes. When those are being placed in the living room, a riot of colors makes your jaw-dropping. Most people would like to pick up the traditional one, second to the modern.

Thanks to the comfort of the style, the traditional style has witnessed the ups and downs over the decades. With elegant shapes, state-of-art textiles, and asymmetric sense, the style gives you a perfectly warm welcome. The traditional living room is the new black no matter how the decorating trends change.

As I mentioned, symmetry is one of the style’s features. It remains well-balanced all the time regardless of the color, pattern, or furniture change. Take a giant stone fireplace for example. It is the perfect point for a comfy, cozy decoration at the outset of the traditional style.
In the end, if you are still confused about “yes or no”, ask for help from interior designers. They can enlighten you on different design aspects or surface hidden considerations that you may have missed out when planning the design of your living room. Some of these considerations include optimal lighting, furniture arrangement, color schemes. What’s more, some colors and patterns might not be suitable to be in consideration. An experienced designer would know the possible considerations and consequences of using certain materials and designing things in a certain way. Ainehome can give all the modern furniture you want.

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